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Published: 2024-02-07

Innovative research in focus – spin-off company in the final for Umeågalan Award

NEWS The world's most energy-saving floor drain, technology for cleaning radioactive waste and a new class of antibiotics for the treatment of infectious diseases. These are just a few examples of innovations from the University's spin-off companies.

The companies QureTech Bio, SpinChem and Enduce have their foundation in either studies or research at Umeå University and all of them have in common innovative, socially useful products and technology that contribute to the work of realising the UN's sustainable development goals. Now they are finalists in the Umeågalan's prize category: University Spinoff of the Year.

Combating infectious diseases and antibiotic resistance

QureTech Bio is a pharmaceutical development company whose vision is to, through its world-leading research, develop a new antibiotic class to combat infectious diseases and the occurrence of antibiotic resistance. One of the company's founders is Professor Fredrik Almqvist, who believes it is necessary to find new ways to eliminate pathogenic bacteria to be able to provide modern healthcare in the future and to be able to save millions of lives annually.

Cleaning of radioactive waste

SpinChem, which has been nominated for University Spinoff of the Year for the second consecutive year, has through its pioneering work in the purification of radioactive waste solved challenges that were previously considered impossible.

“Through our innovative techniques, this hazardous waste is handled in a safer and more efficient way, and we also offer a new dimension of environmental responsibility,” says Emil Byström, CEO of SpinChem.

In addition, SpinChem develops new and more efficient processes for pharmaceutical production, which fortifies their position within the pharmaceutical industry. By combining scientific innovation with sustainable development, they play an important role as a catalyst for a sweeping change in chemical process technology.

Energy-saving floor drain in showers

Based on research at Umeå University, the company Enduce has developed a floor drain in showers that recovers 75 per cent of the energy in the shower water used.

“It's actually the world's most energy-saving floor drain, which enables cost-effective energy savings in both newly built and existing properties. It has been a fun and interesting journey, from the beginning at Umeå University to the product now on the market,” said Henrik Hagman, doctor in energy technology and co-founder of Enduce, in a previous interview.

The company's goal is to renew the standard for shower floor drains in the real estate sector, which accounts for a large part of global energy use, and thereby reduce, among other things, the energy consumption of newly built properties by as much as 25 per cent. Enduce is also a finalist in the award categories Technology and Industry of the Year and Innovative Company of the Year.

Business idea based in research or studies

The University Spinoff of the Year Award is presented at the Umeågalan on 21 March 2024 and goes to a company that has built its business around a business idea formed from research or studies at Umeå University or the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Umeå.

Several companies with connections to Umeå University are finalists at Umeågalan, such as the software companies Elastisys and Vitec as well as Aeterna Labs (formerly Adlede).