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Published: 2010-10-04

International conference on coping with stress

NEWS During 5-7 October, an international conference will be held at Umeå University on how children and families face adversities and life crises. Several world acclaimed researchers in the field will be in attendance, and its host is the Department of Social Work.

This is the second time the conference on Coping with Stress has been arranged, and it is predominately oriented for social workers, psychotherapists, sociologists, researchers and staff within correctional treatment.

One of the keynote speakers is Susan Folkman, United States, one the landmark stress researchers in the field. She was one of those who coined the term "coping", and will talk about how individuals perceive and manage stress through resilience.

C. Robert Cloninger, M.D., also from the United States and a world leader in his field, will be speaking. He has renewed the old personality theories, and will discuss how a person's temperament and character interact, and what the dimensions indicate. In 1983, he was named an honorary doctor at Umeå University.

Another internationally renowned keynote speaker at the conference is Michael Ungar from Canada, who is a professor of social work at Dalhousie University and an experienced marriage and family therapist. He will talk about how an individual's resilience can be the source of better health.

The conference has been organised by the Department of Social Work at Umeå University.

The programme for the Second International Conference on Coping with Stress conference will reflect on and discuss the constructs of Personality, Coping and Resiliency and can be found at: www.copingwithstress.se

För mer information, contact:Mehdi GhazinourDepartment of Social WorkUmeå UniversityPhone:+46 (0)70-213 8312
E-mail: mehdi.ghazinour@socw.umu.se

Editor: Camilla Bergvall