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Published: 2013-11-02

Invitation to international conference on ecopreneurship

NEWS Entrepreneurship has an important role in the transition of society to fit within the planetary boundaries. To provide a forum for new ideas, research and critical issues in green entrepreneurship, a conference will be arranged by Umeå university, June 3-5 2014.

Today’s environmental and economic debate places great emphasis on the need to direct society’s consumption and production patterns toward sustainability. In response to this challenge, high expectations have been placed on various forms of green, environmental or sustainable entrepreneurship, and so-called ecopreneurs, whose business models are guided by a vision to make a positive difference regarding environmental problems. In this symposium organized by Umeå University we will scrutinize the possibilities of transitional green entrepreneur’s and map possible paths ahead. The purpose is to advance ecopreneurship research by sharing where theory and practice is heading, and reflect upon the history of these developments.

For information about the conference and participation, follow this link to USSTE, Umeå Studies in Science, Technology and Environment.

This news was published at www.org.umu.se/riseb/english.