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Published: 22 Feb, 2018

Japanese Week on Campus

NEWS Sweden and Japan celebrate 150 years of diplomatic relations. To mark this occasion, activities are organised on campus for students and staff. The week includes lectures, film screenings and try it out activities. The university will also receive a visit by a delegacy from Hokkaido University who are having a conference here with the theme Arctic and indigenous people.

On Tuesday 27 February, the Japanese week begins with a lecture organised by Umeå Association of International Affairs. Edvard Fleetwood, Secretary General at Sweden-Japan Foundation talks about diplomatic relations between Sweden and Japan. Thereafter, Carolina Hawranek tells about the Ship for world youth leaders programme, sponsored by the Cabinet of Office of Japan.

A food workshop is held on Wednesday 28 February. Students and staff get to cook sushi, temaki and gunkan maki, under guidance by Puspita H. Soebijantoro who has held workshops for Eat Umeå. Number of seats are limited to 20 and registration is necessary.

On Thursday 1 March, Short Break shows three Japanese short-films.

The week ends with try it out activities in the Lindell Hall on 2 March. Students and staff learn to make orgami, write their names in Hiragana, try their knowledge of Japanese culture, learn about Japanese games and what possibilities are available for student exchange in Japan.

Café Lindell serves Japanese inspired food during lunch, 11–13.30.

Several of the activities are set up by Japanese students at Umeå University.

The food workshop and try it out activities are organised in cooperation with Umeå Student Union.

Seminar with Arctic and indigenous people theme

On 27 February–1 March, a delegacy from Hokkaido University visits Umeå University. During the visit, the International Office, Arcum and Vaartoe organises a two-day seminar to present a selection of research with arctic and indigenous people theme, conducted at both universities. Following the presentations, three break out discussions are held that will give opportunity to discuss and develop future cooperation’s. Representatives from Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Secretary General for Sweden-Japan Foundation, first secretary from the embassy of Japan, and 20 researchers and professors from Umeå University also participates in the seminars.

Wide cooperation

Umeå University signed an agreement with Hokkaido University 2013, which primarily regulates student exchange. The Department of Odontology has intensified the cooperation through teacher exchanges and shorter student exchanges.

In 2016, both Umeå University and Hokkaido University entered the Mirai project to support academic cooperation in education, research and innovation between Swedish and Japanese universities. Focus is on sustainability, material science and ageing. In total, seven Swedish and eight Japanse universities are part of the project.

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Japanese Week on Campus

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