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Published: 2022-09-13

Join SASUF Goes Digital - collaborations with South Africa

NEWS On 19-23 September, the South Africa–Sweden University Forum (SASUF) is organising a virtual research and innovation week with over 100 different workshops/sessions. As a student at Umeå University, you can participate and listen to exciting presentations in six different sustainability areas.

Text: Jessica Bergström Grahn

At SASUF Goes Digital, researchers, teachers, students, university leaders from South Africa and Sweden gather to discuss various sustainability challenges as well as exchange knowledge, ideas and build relationships and networks for concrete collaborations. The digital conference is open to students and employees at Umeå University. There is no cost to participate. Register by 16 September at the latest.

Strengthen the relationship between South Africa and Sweden and find solutions to the UN's sustainability goals

Umeå University is one of 40 Swedish and South African universities participating in the project SASUF (South Africa - Sweden University Forum). The aim is to develop interdisciplinary collaborations, with a focus on research and education, to strengthen the relationship between Sweden and South Africa. The goal is to jointly find solutions to the challenges in the UN's sustainability goals and Agenda 2030.

Over 100 workshops/activities - tailor your own schedule!

At the digital research and innovation week SASUF Goes Digital, more than 100 workshops/sessions with research groups and individual researchers, from Sweden and South Africa, will take place. The program also includes activities organised by students and other organisations that are interested in starting collaborations with universities, researchers and students.

At SASUF Goes digital, challenges are discussed in six different areas linked to Agenda 2030: climate change, education, health, social transformation, sustainable urbanization and digital technology. You decide for yourself which activities you want to participate in. Since everything is held digitally, it is easy to participate.

Student participation wanted

The project's stated goal is to get more students involved in the activities carried out within SASUF.

- We hope that many students at Umeå University take the chance to participate in SASUF Goes digital, says Jessica Bergström Grahn, International Office, project coordinator for SASUF at Umeå University. If you are a student and interested in international relations or comparative studies, this is really something for you. Maybe you want to find an idea for your thesis or degree project? SASUF Goes digital can give you new insights, contacts or references to it.

Sign up and create your own schedule by 16 September!
You can find the entire schedule via this link.

More about SASUF: www.sasuf.org


Network for students in South Africa and Sweden

SASUF has its own student network which, in addition to activities carried out under SASUF Goes digital, also meets digitally, regularly, and exchanges experiences between Swedish and South African students.

Are you interested in what the network does?
The SASUF student network.