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Published: 2012-11-29

Lars Hassel speaks at Swesif

NEWS Swedish Forum for Sustainable Research, Swesif, invited Lars Hassel to speak on the results from the research program Sustainable Investment Research Platform, SIRP.

After six years of research, the Mistra-funded research program Sustainable Investment Research Platform (SIRP), will end with this year. Lars Hassel, Program Director of SIRP and professor at Umeå School of Business and Economics will present the conclusions from these years at the Swesif member meeting on December 4th in Stockholm.

Lars Hassel will share his thoughts on how sustainable investments can create extra values for insitutional investors. What can be done to accelerate the efforts within the business? On what should research be focused the coming years? How can relations between researchers and politicians be strengthened?

This news was published at www.org.umu.se/riseb.

Editor: Johan Jansson