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Published: 07 Dec, 2010

Lars Westin named board member rep of ERSA’s Nordic Section

NEWS Lars Westin, professor of regional economics and director of the Centre for Regional Science (CERUM) at Umeå University, has been appointed as the new representative of the board for the Nordic Section of the European Regional Science Association (ERSA).

ERSA is the supranational grouping of national regional science associations across Europe. Members are academics, policy professionals and researchers interested in spatial economics and planning, regional and local development and related issues. There are 17 sections within the organisation, and Lars Westin will take over as the representative of the Nordic Section of the Regional Science Association (NS-RSA).

The purpose of NS-RSA is to stimulate regional science in the Nordic countries to facilitate contacts to international networks in the various fields of social science i.e. economics, geography political science and planning. Its members are researchers from universities and research institutes and civil servants from international organisations, governmental agencies and local and regional authorities.

“I will be inviting Nordic and international scholars to attend a winter conference in Hemavan (Västerbotten County, Sweden) in the spring of 2011, where we will discuss the emerging issues facing Västerbotten and northern Sweden," says Lars Westin.

In addition to promoting the field of regional science, ERSA organizes an annual European Congress. The 2010 Congress was held in Jönköping, Sweden and had over 1,000 delegates. The theme was “Sustainable Regional Growth and Development in the Creative Knowledge Economy.”

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