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Published: 14 Sep, 2020

Passcode or waiting room for Zoom meetings

NEWS Zoom has decided to cancel the update set for September 27, 2020. The update would have required that all meetings have a Passcode or a Waiting Room enabled.

Earlier we have informed you about a change in Zoom which would make a waiting room or a passcode mandatory for all meetings starting September 27. Zoom have now cancelled the update due to the feedback from their customers.

We still recommend security settings like passcode or waiting room for Zoom meetings at Umeå university but they are not mandatory.

We will monitor any new updates from Zoom and it is likely that we will see other updates like this one in the future.


A passcode means that only the participants that have the passcode or the link to the meeting can join. When you create your meeting you can choose to activate a passcode.

Waiting room

Waiting room is a function that helps prevent anuthorized participants to join a meeting. The function places participants in a waiting room until the host lets them in. When a new participant joins the meeting the host and co-hosts are notified. As a host you can choose to admit all participants to the meeting or admit them one by one.

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