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Published: 2016-05-10

Marie Lindkvist is awarded the USBE Teaching Award in 2016

Marie Lindkvist, senior lecturer in statistics, is awarded the USBE Teaching Award in 2016.  

In her role as a university teacher, Marie has consciously work in a way that supports student learning, with a focus on the student and the learning process.

Marie has introduced the flipped classroom in courses at the advanced level. The pedagogy means that students have the opportunity to benefit from web-based materials such as films on their own and that the teaching sessions are devoted to deepening, analysis, individual adaptation and feedback. Marie believes in the teacher to student dialogue and student to student dialogue as a mean to facilitate learning. The purpose of introducing flipped classroom education is to meet each student's individual needs in a more educational and thought-out way. The format of these courses have a conscious student-centered learning.

Marie's purposeful approach and pedagogical ideas have also inspired colleagues at USBE to introduce similar methods. She has also participated in educational seminars and conferences and presented her approach and educational ideas.