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Published: 2012-04-18

Master students at Umeå Institute of Design win iF concept awards 2012

NEWS From more than 10.000 valid entries submitted by design students from all over the world, only 100 projects received an iF concept award 2012. Two of these were awarded to Masters students at Umeå Institute of Design: Simon Fredriksson and Gosha Galitsky, Dogan Sekercioglu, all students at the Master's programme in Advanced Product Design, and Carol Tang from UID's Interaction Design programme.

- Umeå Institute of Design at Umeå University is proud to be the only Scandinavian university represented in iF’s ranking of the award winning universities, says Thomas Degn, programme coordinator for the master programme in Advanced Product Design.

The iF concept award is one of the most important as well as biggest international competitions for students and young professionals from the areas of design, architecture, marketing and engineering. Of Umeå Institute of Design's eleven iF awards since 2007, nine have been given to students from the APD programme.

Simon Fredriksson received his award for his Niox mine, a concept for a complete system for people diagnosed with asthma. It allows the user to monitor the level of inflammation by measuring the nitric oxide level in the airways, which is an indicator of the present condition of one’s asthma. This information makes it possible for the user to adjust the optimal medication dosage, thus avoiding over or under medicating, thereby giving a better chance to have as normal life as possible. The project was carried out in collaboration with Aerocrine, a Stockholm-based medical technology company.

Gosha Galitsky, Dogan Sekercioglu and Carol Tang received together an award for their concept for a Diver Distress Signal System (DDSS) in the cross-programme course Industrial Sound Design. In regular use the DDSS functions as a diving computer. The emergency function is readily accessible by pulling the handle on the device. Once activated, the DDSS uses proprietary alarms and light signals to communicate various levels of distress. The device also functions as a beacon that guides rescue divers to the victim, saving precious time and significantly increasing the victim’s chances of survival.


The iF website: http://www.ifdesign.de/index_e
All the UID winners: http://exhibition.ifdesign.de/winner_en.html?ma_id=511
The 2012 ranking lists: http://www.ifdesign.de/ranking_tabellen_e

For more information, please contact:

Thomas Degn Telephone: +46(0)90- 786 77 41
E-post: thomas.degn@dh.umu.se

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Editor: Ingrid Söderbergh