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Published: 01 Apr, 2022

New grants from Kempe supporting secure power systems

NEWS Davood Khodadad has been granted 650 000 SEK to be used during two years for a project entitled “Towards a secure power system by employing machine learning applied to wide-area monitoring systems”.

In this project the researchers will work on improving the function of the electricity transmission protection system which ensures that continuous electricity is supplied to large areas within Europe. The power-system protection of the transmission system of electricity is set up in such way that it will almost always clear a fault. Together with a system of back-up protection and operational reserves, this has resulted in an extremely reliable power transmission system. An often forgotten, mostly minor, issue is that the protection is activated when there is no need to do so.

In this project, we will look at the limitations of the transmission-system protection that have resulted in this and develop alternatives that will together create a more reliable system. Use will be made of recent developments in the machine learning area, signal processing, and wide area monitoring systems.

By accurately distinguishing between fault and overloading conditions, the unwanted activation of distance relays and the huge separations of the systems are prevented, which concludes a secure power system. We will also look at alternative protection systems that will reduce the need for operating reserves and, in that way, allow a more effective use of renewable electricity production.