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Published: 07 Sep, 2017

New U-bike rental on campus

NEWS The new cargo bike pool U-bike on Campus Umeå has now been inaugurated. Interest for cargo bikes was large during the opening ceremony at the Welcome Fair and was celebrated with speeches and cake.

Roger Granberg, Akademiska Hus, Margareta Rönngren, Umeå kommun, and Richard Olsson, Building Office, cut the bike chain to open the new cargo bike pool. Photo: Ulrika Bergfors

U-bike offers electric cargo bikes that are rented out to anyone who wants to try them in their everyday lives. Cargo bikes are climate-smart, can carry up to 100 kilos and replace many unnecessary car journeys in the inner city. The box at the front is roomy and is even equipped for child to travel.

The project U-bike is run by Umeå municipality and Akademiska Hus. Richard Olsson, Head of the Building Office at Umeå University, is positive about the introduction of the bike pool.

“At the University, we are so excited about this investment helping our students and staff in their everyday life and at the same time it has positive effects on building a better city. We are hoping that this project will be able to grow with further types of mobility solutions. Solutions that we are in dire need for in a rapidly growing city,” says Richard Olsson.

Akademiska Hus also emphasises the advantages of the collaborations with U-bike.

“In our development of the university town, sustainable transports are an important part. To us at Akademiska Hus, we are thrilled to be able to present a cargo bike pool at Campus Umeå together with Umeå municipality. Campus doesn’t just serve as a good centre, it is also an example of how empty properties can be transformed into being useful. In the long run, the pool at its current location will also be connected to the cycle superhighway, which strengthens accessibility even further,” says Roger Granberg, property manager at Akademiska Hus.

U-bike is owned by Umeå municipality and is a three-year-long project. The Campus Umeå garage is run together with Akademiska Hus. Further on, another bike garage will be opened in the centre of Umeå.

U-bike – electric cargo bikes for rent

You can now rent electric cargo bikes in Umeå. Become a member to try it. The bikes can be found in a garage on Campus Umeå, in the Physiology Building on Linnaeus väg 2. Another garage is planned for the centre of Umeå.

Cargo bikes are climate-smart, can carry up to 100 kilos and replace many unnecessary car journeys in the inner city. The box at the front is roomy and is even equipped for child to travel – perfect for the weekly shopping or day out. Since U-bikes cargo bikes are electric, they are easy to drive even on lengthier trips. A fully charged battery can go for eighty kilometres.

The bikes are rented out all year and will be equipped with studded tires in winter.

Become a member

To rent a U-bike you must first register as a member on Triply. At first, memberships are limited to one hundred. The membership costs SEK 50 and is automatically renewed every month until you choose to cancel it.

To become a member, you must be 18 years old. You also need a Swedish BankID and a debit card. If you do not have a BankID, it can be ordered free of charge from your Swedish bank.

Booking a bike

To use a bike you book it on the day you want to use it. No pre-booking is available. When you have booked, the rental time starts immediately. The bike needs to be returned by 21:00 the same day.

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Editor: Anna Lawrence