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Published: 2022-04-05

Nominate to the USBE Pedagogical Prize 2022

NEWS Now you can nominate for the USBE Pedagogical Award. Both students and staff can nominate.

Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics (USBE) annually awards a pedagogical prize. The purpose is to encourage good educational efforts of our teachers and to stimulate pedagogical development at the school.

All employees at the USBE and students at our programmes/courses are invited to nominate teachers or teaching teams for USBE pedagogical prize 2022. Students who nominate must have been active in one of our courses/one of our programs during 2021.

This year's theme for nominations: Pedagogical innovation for student engagement in physical and/or digital education environment.

The prize is awarded to teachers/teaching teams who have made special pedagogical contributions in undergraduate education during 2021 by developing, adapting, or improving learning activities based on the physical or digital educational environment so that the activities encourage student engagement, are permissive and contribute to creating trust between teacher and student and between students. Extraemphasis is placed on activities that have promoted all students' learning opportunities regardless of gender, ethnicity, social background, or disability.

Here's how to nominate: 
Describe overall why you would like to nominate this teacher/teaching team. The nomination should relate to this year's theme and preferably include concrete examples that can prove it. It is especially important that the nomination shows the pedagogical strengths of the teacher/teaching team in relation to the criteria.

The nomination is submitted via this link no later than 20/4 at 17:00.

Welcome with your nomination!