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Published: 2024-01-09

New book sheds light on Nordic perspectives on digitalization and digital competence in education - from policy to practice

NEWS Associate professor in Informatics Sara Willermark at University West, Professor in Education Anders D. Olofsson and Professor in Education J. Ola Lindberg, both at Umeå University, are editors of the book "Digitalization and Digital Competence in Educational Contexts. A Nordic perspective from policy to practice ,” which in early 2024 was published by Routledge.It is published in the well-reputed book series 'Routledge Research in Digital Education’.

Multifaceted Nordic Perspective

The book explores how digitalization and digital competence have significantly been integrated into various educational contexts. From a Nordic perspective, the book focuses on how digitalization and digital competence have become vital components in teaching and learning, spanning from primary schools to universities. It also addresses digitalization and digital competence in education in relation to policy decisions, leadership, administrative structure, and technical infrastructure. By applying a multidisciplinary and holistic approach, the book provides various research-based examples of how Nordic countries deal with issues concerning digitalization and digital competence in education. It presents current case studies, offers in-depth discussions, and provides forward-looking perspectives within a Nordic educational context.

Global Relevance and Comparative Framework

While the book has a Nordic focus, its content holds high relevance in a broader European and global context. The book covers five themes, all recurring subjects in international research within this field: 1. Policy, 2. Digital Leadership and Organization, 3. Sustainable Digital Ecosystems, 4. Subjects, Tools, and Moving Teaching in Flux, and 5. Digital Competence for Teachers. Through a comprehensive introductory chapter by the editors and a concluding chapter by Professor Roger Säljö, which ties together the other 13 chapters, the book contributes to a deeper understanding of the dynamics surrounding digitalization and digital competence in education – both in the Nordic region and on a global scale.

Empirical Insights and Theoretical Perspectives

Each of the 13 chapters is based on empirical material such as policy documents, interviews, surveys, and data collected from learning platforms. Building on this empirical foundation, the chapters offer in-depth theoretical perspectives and nuanced analyses and discussions. Together, these chapters constitute a rich source of research-based findings, insights, and implications concerning digitalization and digital competence in education.

A Vanguard Toward the Future

Sara Willermark, Anders D. Olofsson, and J. Ola Lindberg hope that their book will make a significant contribution to the ongoing discussion about digitalization and digital competence taking place in various political and educational contexts. The book is aimed at researchers, teachers, university students, and policymakers, all navigating through the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital shift in education.