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Published: 2023-05-22

New rules for written hall exams – always sign up on time!

NEWS On 28 August, new rules for written hall exams take effect. The change that will have the biggest impact on students is that you will no longer be able to take an exam without signing up in advance. So, always remember to sign up in time. Otherwise, you will miss out on that exam.

At the same time as introducing prior sign up, the sign-up function will move from the student web (or whichever system your department previously used) to the system Ladok for students. This means that you will no longer be notified through the student web that there are exams to sign up for. Instead, you will need to log into Ladok for students to see if the exam sign-up period has started.

Another change taking effect on 28 August affects anyone taking an on-campus e-examination in Inspera and needs to borrow a computer. You will then need to book your computer through a university-wide link rather than through your department. The link will be available on the student web prior to the autumn semester.

The new rules can be found here: Rules for written hall exams