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Published: 20 Jun, 2018

Ockelbo Revival

NEWS Students from the MA Transportation Design Programme at Umeå Institute of Design have worked together with the Ockelbo consortium to develop a new inspirational line of ATVs, snowmobiles and motorcycles. On Friday 8 April, the students presented their ideas together with full-scale models.

After the presentation, the Ockelbo representatives, as well as the other tutors in the project, were greatly impressed by the students’ designs and ideas. They said the students were “true ambassadors for Ockelbo”. They hope to see some of these ideas developed in the future. Programme director Demian Horst was grateful for working with the project, with such an inspirational brand as Ockelbo.

Between 1962 and 1989 snowmobiles were manufactured in the city Ockelbo, and one distinctive feature of the snowmobiles was the orange and black colours. Now the Ockelbo consortium wants to revive the traditional brand and in a project with Umeå Institute of Design, the first-year Transportation design students are designing a new inspirational line of vehicles for the brand, all following a very fresh and unique visual identity.

In the “Ockelbo Project” the task was to develop eight small vehicles; two ATVs (all-terrain vehicles), two snowmobiles, two “dirt track” motorcycles and two custom motorcycles. The students were divided into two teams, and each role-playing "design company" had to coordinate a unique visual identity proposition across the model line up. The students generated, visualised and presented their ideas to the tutors and to the sponsor Ockelbo. Four designs were selected and are being milled in real size at UID for a more accurate evaluation of the results.

Besides the faculty, several external experts were involved in the project; these include motorcycle designer Mikael Hallgren, multi-talented vehicle designer Daniel Forsgren and clay modeller Petter Reuterholt. Gunnar Bech was the main contact person from the Ockelbo consortium, and he has followed the project at close distance.

Transportation design student Anton Garland designed Ockelbo Poro, an electric snowmobile for the active snowmobile user, for trail as well as freestyle riding.

The Ockelbo Lucas ATV, created by student Erik Evers, is aimed at forest and ranch owners, farmers and such.

The student Louise McCallum designed Ockelbo Oscar, which gives opportunities to both beginners and enthusiasts. The novice biker can start riding straight off the shelf, and the enthusiast can get their hands dirty taking it apart. Hoping to increase the appeal of biking to women, the Ockelbo Oscar is truly a bobber with everything you need, and nothing you don't.

TD student Rickard Hansson’s design Ockelbo Firn is a snowmobile lightweight vehicle with focus on being a real sports sled. Firn’s design language combines the contrasts that exist between pure surfaces and details that are influenced by the structure of snow and ice.

The Ockelbo Dirt-tracker by Yujin Kim is designed for not only the dirt track but also the road. Yujin wanted the rider to experience two thrills, drifting on the track and cornering (legally) on the road.

Read more about the project and the students’ designs:

Text: Elinn Bolonassos

Editor: Karin Wikman