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Published: 2021-05-26

Over 600 applicants to new course in architecture

NEWS This autumn, Umeå School of Architecture is initiating a series of new freestanding courses. Interest in the first course, “Architecture and the City - Towards another future”, by far exceeds the school’s expectations. So far, the course has attracted 620 applicants to 40 places, of which more than half applied to the course as their first choice.

Text: Anna-Lena Lindskog

“Wow, this is really more than I expected” says James Brown, associate professor and responsible for the course.


The course is a beginner's course in architecture that takes the student on a historical and contemporary journey, where some of the most significant environments built by man are examined. The course provides historical examples of architecture and cities and how buildings, cities and landscapes create opportunities for people to get involved in their common living environment.


“We start the course for several reasons” says Michael Gruber, deputy head of department and director of studies at Umeå School of Architecture. “We want to take advantage of the expertise available at the department, broaden the opportunities for people to study the subject of architecture and in the long run counteract the social bias in recruitment, but also give students who study other programmes at the university the opportunity to supplement with an architecture course if they wish.”


By offering the course as a distance course and with a 25 percent study rate, Umeå School of Architecture wants to give people who are either working or studying another subject in parallel the opportunity to study. The target group is anyone who is curious about architecture in general or who wants to supplement their education with architecture.

Umeå School of Architecture is starting to offer freestanding courses in architecture as a complement to its five-year architectural programme and two-year master's programme in architecture and urban design. In the spring of 2022, another freestanding course will be offered, “Mapping Changing Ecosystems: Understanding Our Impact on the Natural Environment”.

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