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Published: 2019-11-25

Report: Arctic Seminar November 2019

NEWS In the November issue of Umeå Arctic Seminar, professor Christer Malm held a presentation on his research into blood doping.

Text: Oscar Sedholm

Christer Malm, professor at the Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation, has spent 13 years working on how to track blood doping, and to create a highly precise method for testing for blood doping in the future.

Blood doping is when a person, often involved in professional sports, taps their own blood and saves it to be re-introduced to the blood stream at a late date. This creates a temporarily higher abundance of red blood cells which increases oxygen uptake and thereby physical performance, for several weeks after the doping has taken place. Because the process only involves the person's own blood and no chemicals or drug the procedure has been impossible to trace - until now. You can read more about Christer's research and watch a movie about the subject, in Umu's previous news article (Swedish).