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Published: 02 Mar, 2020

Research Data Web is launched

NEWS As support for researchers regarding research data management, new pages are now available on the library's web. The pages are intended to serve as support during various stages of a research project and provide an orientation on the topic of research data.

There are important changes in the work on research data at both the national and international levels. The aim is to promote democracy, to increase the quality of research and to stimulate innovation. In addition, public research funding should be used more effectively.

Researchers need support in order to meet the Swedish Research Council's proposal for national guidelines for managing, documenting, making available and reusing research data. A new resource to give researchers such support is the research data web that Umeå University Library is now launching.

This web provides background information on various aspects of research data management during different stages of a research project, and it links to web tools for data management plans, and information about related support activities, policy documents and IT resources at Umeå University.

The Research Data Web also provides brief information on the research data group at Umeå University and the research data team at Umeå University Library.

"It is a resource that will help our researchers easily find the information they need and it will be updated regularly," says Thomas Kieselbach, coordinator of the university functions regarding research data management.

The website also contains contacts with specialist expertise and important collaborative partners at Umeå University, such as the Legal Affairs Office, Archives, and ICT Services and System Development, which provides for legal advice and IT support in a research context.

Umeå University is one of nine universities located in the consortium for the Swedish National Data Service, which offers and develops infrastructure for documenting, making available and reusing research data. At Umeå University there are also three domain specialists, an advisory resource with expertise in research data management regarding register research. The domain specialists are part of a larger national advisory resource with domain specialists in various fields whose task is to support researchers.

Research Data Web