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Published: 03 Jun, 2022

Research platform for speech analysis facilitates national collaborations

NEWS The research platform Visible Speech (VISP) is a tool which will solve security issues that arise in research that utilizes recorded speech. The platform will facilitate national collaborations since it is possible to work directly with the audio-recorded material without the risk of spreading it.

Text: Sandra Lundström

–  The purpose of Visp is to offer a secure and isolated platform that makes it safe and easy for researchers and research groups to collaborate on audio-recorded material, says Fredrik Karlsson, associate professor at the Department of Clinical Sciences and affiliated with Humlab.

– This platform is unique, and the group that has worked to make it happen has done a fantastic job!

Audio-recording of speech is personally identifiable information and may be considered sensitive due to the reason for recording the speaker or due to the content of the recording.

VISP has two levels; the external level is an open platform that does not store data; the internal level allows users to upload, make acoustic signal analysis, listen to and note, and analyse speech material.

To access the platform, researchers apply for a project area after ethical approval. Within the external level, there are also services and web applications that are distributed from the platform’s server but which run on the users’ computers without connection to the platform and therefore allow anonymous use by anyone.

VISP is funded by the Swedish Research Council through the National Language Bank and the Swe-Clarin consortium, which develops and makes  digital methods and materials available in the humanities and social sciences.

Welcome to VISP Mingle

On 10 June at 14, Humlab invites staff and students to a mingle to talk more about what VISP offers. Light refreshments will be served.

Place: Humlab, Humanities Building

No registration is needed.

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Fredrik Karlsson
Associate professor