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Published: 2023-12-15

Research Trip to Lund led to Project and Network Developments

NEWS PhD student Ekaterina Zmyvalova participated in a session on Child Rights at Lund University.

In the autumn 2023, PhD student Ekaterina Zmyvalova carried out a research trip to the Lund University to participate in a session on Child Rights. The trip was partly funded by the Arctic Centre at Umeå University.  
Ekaterina Zmyvalova is a PhD student in Sámi studies, and between 25 August and 3 September 2023, she went on a research trip to the Lund University. There, she was a visiting researcher at the Sociology of Law Department, and participated in a three-day session. 
– The session was part of the conference “Law, Society and Digital Pasts, Presents and Futures. The session was within the topic “Child Rights” and was called “Empowering children and youth through Law and Participation”, Zmyvalova explains. 
Her participation in the session allowed her to present her PhD project and to get feedback on her research.  
– The Sociology of Law Department in Lund University constituted a platform for me to share my research and provided opportunities for working and discussion. This whole trip has contributed significantly to the development of my PhD project and in my research network. 
Except for benefiting her own research, and herself as a researcher, Zmyvalova explains that the research trip also had a significance to the Arctic. 
– My PhD dissertation is about the right of Russian Sámi children to learn their language in school in Russia. The dissertation is on the borderline of the socio-legal studies and the Sámi studies. 
Zmyvalova expresses gratitude to Per Wickenberg and Anna Sonander who helped with the arrangement of her research trip to Lund. This trip was financially supported by the Arctic Centre at Umeå University and Nils Thun Stipendiefond. 

Ekaterina Zmyvalova
Doctoral student