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Published: 2018-12-13

Researcher from Umeå University in European project on digital forensic

NEWS Researchers from thirty-one countries, among them also Umeå University, have launched the European Project DIGital FORensics: evidence Analysis via intelligent Systems and Practices (DigForASP), an initiative led by the Action Chair Dr. Jesús Medina (Univ. Cádiz) and in which more than 80 researchers already participate.

Juan Carlos Nieves, senior lecturer (associate professor) at the Department of Computing Science, is a member of the Management Committee and sub-leader of one of the working groups.

Over four years this project will create one of the widest intergovernmental networks for the coordination of European scientific and technical research in the field. This goal is supported by the Cooperation Program in Science and Technology (COST), funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union, which seeks to strengthen scientific and technical research in Europe, funding the establishment of collaboration networks among researchers.

The first meeting of the different working groups organized by the Universities of Cádiz and Évora has taken place in Évora (Portugal) between November 8 and 10. The goal of the meeting was to prepare the first objectives and intermediate strategies of the project, introducing mathematicians and engineers in the daily problems of digital forensic science as well as its legal, technical and criminological aspects. Moreover, it is about identifying an applicable set of techniques from the Mathematics and Computational Sciences, focusing on Computational Logic for verifiable and justifiable reasoning, something essential in the legal environment.

In addition, the first international meeting of DigForASP in Évora aims to increase the number of participant countries in the Network, and the direct participation of national and international institutions related to security. The ENSFI (European Network of Forensic Science Institutes), recognized by the European Commission as the sole voice of the forensic science community in Europe, is already taking part in DigForASP through one of its members.

This network will foster the synergy between security forces, related agencies, and institutions of the European Union and near neighboring countries, associations, and companies in the field. The ultimate goal is to establish a solid network to introduce new technologies into the digital analysis that help improve processes and obtain more direct and efficient results.