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Published: 2018-03-27

Responsible Artificial Intelligence

NEWS Assoc. Prof. Virginia Dignum, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, is well-known in the international artificial intelligence, AI, research community, and is frequently invited to speak on topics relating to ethical and responsible AI.

Her talk on ethical aspects of AI at Umeå University was recorded, watch it at Bambuser.

As robots and other AI systems are increasingly perceived as teammates, and are increasingly making decisions that directly affect society, many questions raise across social, economic, political, technological, legal, ethical and philosophical issues. Can machines make moral decisions? Should artificial systems ever be treated as ethical entities? What are the legal and ethical consequences of human enhancement technologies, or cyber-genetic technologies? What are the consequences of extended government, corporate, and other organisational access to knowledge and predictions concerning citizen behaviour? How can moral, societal and legal values be part of the design process? How and when should governments and the general public intervene? 

In this talk, we look at leading ethics theories and propose alternative ways to ensure ethical behavior by artificial systems. Given that ethics are dependent on the socio-cultural context and are often only implicit in deliberation processes, methodologies are needed to elicit the values held by designers and stakeholders, and to make these explicit leading to better understanding and trust in artificial autonomous systems. We will in particular focus on the ART principles for AI: Accountability, Responsibility, Transparency.

Editor: Mikael Hansson