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Published: 2016-11-16

RiseB presents research at Stanford

NEWS The 12th November Herman Stål presents an article with the title: ”Institutional maintenance within the regulative pillar”, at SCANCOR/Stanford. The article explores and analyses the difficulties of enacting forceful climate mitigation-policy through a case study of how the Swedish Board of Agriculture investigated and acted in response to concerns of agricultural Greenhouse gas emissions.

Abstract: There is a gap in the institutional maintenance literature regarding how maintenance occurs within the so-called regulatory pillar. Processes and outcomes relating to this pillar are important, as they often have decisive impacts on the institutional dynamics within fields. To fill this gap, this paper draws on a case study of Swedish agri-food policy responding to climate change. By focusing on problematizations as triggers, the paper shows the importance of a redefined script that restores cognitive order and support for prevailing, greenhouse gas-intense, agri-food practice. These case findings are then used to suggest certain propositions regarding the nature of maintenance within the regulatory pillar.