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Published: 09 May, 2018

RiseB thesis prize in sustainability and business ethics 2018

NEWS RiseB:s annual thesis price in Sustainability and Business Ethics is awarded to Matilda Bergman, Lina Håkansson and Moa Dahlbacka, Alexander Adolfsson and Marie Åström, Mälardalen University. Congratulations!

The thesis entitled “The application of scarce resources to unlimited wants: Service organizations economic responsibility for the future - Strategic management towards sustainability from a Scandinavian perspective (SWE)” will be awarded 25.000 SEK at Umea School of Business and Economics’ graduation ceremony the 1st of June.

The jury would also like to honorably mention Rebecca Westholm/Jenny Larsson, Örebro University and Filippa Karlsson/Pauline Krogsböll, Linné University.  

The jury mention in their decision that the winning thesis is well-written and argued for. It contains an elaborate analysis and a discussion with relevant theoretical links. The thesis also has practice significance in providing reflection upon how firms can operationalize sustainability goals, which is key in business sustainability work.  

The thesis supervisor was Angelina Sundström. It is the first time that a thesis from the Mälardalen University. Congratulations Angelina and Mälardalen!

The thesis can be found here.

The price, which is handed out as a scholarship, has been made financially possible through RiseB:s collaboration with Umeå Energy.

Read more about RiseB:s thesis price, and the criteria underpinning the jury’s decision, here. Deadline for nominating theses from 2018 will be the 31st of January 2019.