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Published: 2020-05-20

RiseB thesis prize is awarded to students at Lund University

NEWS RiseB´s annual thesis prize in Sustainability and Business Ethics is awarded to Djenane Liasse and Jana Tigges, Lund University. The thesis entitled “Branding Public Transportation in Sweden An Experimental Study of Three different Branding Concepts: Green, Love and Technology” will be awarded 25.000 SEK which is handed out as a scholarship and has been made financially possible through RiseB´s collaboration with Umeå Energi.

This year's winners of the RiseB thesis award, Djenane Liasse and Jana Tigges.

- We feel honored to win the RiseB thesis prize and would like to thank the jury for nominating us. It was an intensive two months of work with many ups and downs during long study sessions say the award winners.

The Jury would also like to honorably mention Moa Gunnarsson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and Johanna Bergdahl, Viktoria Björnsson-Spets, Umea School of Business, Economics and Statistics.

The jury mentions in their decision that the winning thesis impresses through the work invested in it, particularly when it comes to data collection, especially as it only comprises 15 ECTs. Moreover the quality of the scientific contribution is high and the jury sees an opportunity for the thesis to be published as a scientific article in a journal.

- We are very pleased to see that our thesis is considered relevant by experts in the field and hope that it will encourage other students to take the research further say the award winners.

Of equal importance is the thesis’s practical relevance, suggesting ways to get more people to use public transport, an issue of utmost importance for Sweden to fulfill its national climate goals and its part of the Paris agreement.

Financing of the prize

The prize, which is handed out as a scholarship, has been made financially possible through RiseB´s collaboration with Umeå Energi.

“In this way Umeå Energi AB, driving positive, societal, development in the Umea region, wants to encourage business students to deepen their knowledge in sustainability and business ethics”.

The thesis supervisor was docent Johan Jansson.

The thesis can be found here: LUP Student Papers

Read more about RiseB´s thesis prize and the criteria underpinning the jury’s decision: RiseB thesis prize in sustainability and business ethics

Deadline for nominating theses from 2020 is 31st of January 2021.