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Published: 2019-05-13

RiseB:s thesis prize is awarded to students at Gävle University

NEWS RiseB:s annual thesis prize in Sustainability and Business Ethics is awarded to Adam Lindh and Cecilia Persson, Gävle University. Congratulations!

The thesis entitled “The influence of green marketing on Word of Mouth (SWE)” will be awarded 25.000 SEK at Umea School of Business, Economics and Statistics’ graduation ceremony on the 5th of June.

The jury would also like to honourably mention Rebecka Skogh/Alexandra Olofsson, Umea School of Business, Economics and Statistics, and Gabriella Thulin/Fanny Widepalm, Stockholm School of Economics.

The jury mention in their decision that the winning thesis has an original approach, is ambitious with a clear link to research, The thesis also has relevance for practice, more precisely how firms can communicate their sustainability efforts. 

The thesis supervisor was Johan Kågström. It is the first time that a thesis from Gävle University has won. Congratulations Johan and Gävle!

The thesis can be found here.

The price, which is handed out as a scholarship, has been made financially possible through RiseB: s collaboration with Umeå Energy.

Read more about RiseB: s thesis price, and the criteria underpinning the jury’s decision, here.