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Published: 2022-11-07 Updated: 2022-12-05, 11:40

Is the University achieving its climate and sustainability goals?

NEWS In 2021, Umeå University decided on 13 targeted goals for climate and sustainability until 2030 with the aim to contribute to achieving the sustainable development goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. You can now read about the results from 2021 on the climate and sustainability pages.

Text: Lisa Redin/Annica Höglund

Vision for Umeå University proclaims that the University wants to lead the transformation towards a sustainable society. In 2021, Umeå University adopted a Regulation for environmental and sustainability work and an Action plan for climate and sustainability for 2021–2023.

Based on the Climate Framework for Swedish Higher Education Institutions, which Umeå University has ratified, we have identified six key areas for the University’s main assignments and operations with bearing on the sustainable development goals. For each key area, we have set one or several goals, and the action plan contains around 40 activities that we plan to complete no later than in 2023. About half of these activities were completed already in 2021.

Climate and sustainability web pages

The University’s climate and sustainability work is described in more detail on the web. Each key area is described on its own page, and these pages now contain the results of the 13 targeted goals for 2021. The information also contains examples of activities that have been completed to contribute to sustainable development. Several of the activities will be upscaled to increase the University’s abilities to contribute to reducing the climate and environmental impact from our operations, and to increase our contribution to the sustainable development goals.

Learn more about the results from 2021 and Umeå University’s strategic sustainability work on the climate and sustainability pages

Do you have ideas or suggestions of things we can do to increase our contribution? Please let us know through the form found at the bottom of the climate and sustainability startpage.