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Published: 2018-12-05

Scholarships from the Jan Wallander and Tom Hedelius Foundation

NEWS We are pleased to announce that Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics has two recipients of scholarships from The Jan Wallander och Tom Hedelius foundation.

Congratulations to Irina Alexeyeva and Tatbeeq Raza Ullah both at at the Department of Business Administration who have received scholarships from the Jan Wallander and Tom Hedelius foundation.

Professor Lars Silver, Associate Head of Business Administration:

- Two of our doctoral students have received the Wallander foundation scholarship in competition with every department of business administration and economics in Sweden. This illustrates the quality of our doctoral students and their theses on a national level.

The title of Irina's thesis is "Essays on Audit Fees and the Joint Provision of Audit and Non-Audit Services"

The title of Tatbeeq's thesis is "A theory of experienced paradoxical tension in co-opetitive alliances"

Congratulations to Irina and Tatbeeq!