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Published: 2008-05-13

School of Restaurant and Culinary Arts to promote Swedish food culture in Germany

NEWS Students at Umeå University’s School of Restaurant and Culinary Arts, under the direction of renowned chefs Gert Klötzke and Niclas Wahlström, will invite German guests to a modern Swedish smorgasbord.

On May 25, seven graduating students from gastronomy programme at the School of Restaurant and Culinary Arts will be visiting Stuttgart in Germany. They will make an appearance at the hotel Maritimé in cooperation with the German executive chef association. 300 guests will have the honour to enjoy a traditional Swedish smorgasbord for two evenings on 30 and 31 May.

More than 60 dishes will be presented in a sumptuous buffet with a Swedish theme in both food and decor. This special invitation is included in the students’ educational programme The seven students will participate along with master chef Gert Klötzke.

“It will be so rewarding to promote Swedish food culture internationally and Swedish flavours and ingredients in a new and modern way,” says Johan Andersson, student in the gastronomy programme. “More than 60 courses and 300 guests over two days is a challenge, but such a great fun.”

The smorgasbord buffet will include such delicacies as: tea smoked reindeer, half-torn Baltic herring, poached char, elk meatballs and palt filled with smoked reindeer. A majority of the ingredients come from the northern Sweden regions of Västerbotten and Norrbotten.

“My favourite is the pike pâté with silver eel,” says Hanna Larsson, one of students in the gastronomy programme. Gert Klötzke is an adjunct professor at School of Restaurant and Culinary Arts at Umeå University. Niclas Wahlsträm is a master chef at Den Gyldene Freden (translates to the Golden Peace), one of the oldest and most respected restaurants in Stockholm.

Gert Klötzke has arranged the special visit – in which several German newspapers and television stations will attend - through his good international contacts.
“It’s exciting that we can carry out this event,” he said. “It gives students valuable international experience and it’s also a unique opportunity to market the local produce of northern Sweden and the education at Umeå University.”

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