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Published: 2008-10-23

SEK 83 million in increased research funding

NEWS Umeå University has been allocated an additional 83.2 million crowns in research funding covering the period 2009-2012, according to the government's research and innovation bill presented today.

“We have received the amount we expected in relation to our size and research output, says Umeå University Vice-Chancellor Göran Sandberg.

A new aspect of bill is a system in which quality will determine how much each university or higher education institution will receive. Quality will be measured by means of two criteria - publications/references to publications and external research funds. SEK 1.8 billion of the research bill's total SEK 5 billion will be designated towards strategically important areas that universities may compete for. “We are looking forward with high anticipation to the distribution,” continues Göran Sandberg.
“Several of the areas indicated by the government strategically correspond within Umeå University’s areas of excellence in research.”

The government aims to invest in the following areas: Molecular biosciences, stem cells, diabetes, neuroscience, epidemiology, cancer, psychiatry, nursing research, nanoscience and nanotechnology e-science, materials science, production, information technology and mobile communications, transportation research, aviation, space research, energy, sustainable use of natural resources, impacts on natural resources, climate, marine environmental research, security and emergency management, development planning, and geographical regions of political significance.

“Cancer, Metabolic Diseases, the Nervous System and Ecosystem Dynamics are examples of some of the university’s twelve areas of excellence that correspond with the description of the strategic areas. The university also has two development areas - the sustainable use of forest landscape and Applied IT - that conform to the strategic initiatives, the sustainable use of forests and Applied IT,” says Lars Lustig, University Director.

Additionally, Umeå University has been designated as one of the higher educational institutions to proceed with establishing an innovation office. The innovation office in Umeå will have a regional mission.

Editor: Carina Dahlberg