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Published: 2023-05-24

Siemens Financial Services Best Student Thesis Award

NEWS The prize is awarded to Kristina Björling and Fredrika Norberg, Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics (USBE). The thesis entitled “Kvinnliga styrelseledamöter och företagens finansiella lönsamhet: En paneldataanalys om effekten av kvinnor i styrelser på Svenska Large Cap bolag” will be awarded 20.000 SEK at USBEs graduation ceremony 2023.

The jury mention in their decision that the winning thesis has a motivated and current research question, that is commendable analyzed with relevant methods. The thesis, that is well written, contribute with both theoretical and practical knowledge regarding to what extent female representation on corporate boards affect firm profitability among large Swedish firms. 

The prize, which is handed out as a scholarship, has been made financially possible through USBE’s collaboration with Siemens Financial Services.

Comment from Siemens

– We are very pleased to have entered into this collaboration with USBE and to give the award this year to a very well-written and interesting thesis that highlights a modern and prominent topic within the financial sector.

Comment from Kristina Björling

– I feel incredibly honoured to receive the Siemens Financial Services scholarship for 2023 alongside my friend Fredrika.
 Directing your thesis towards something you are passionate about is essential, as it is passion that overcomes the inevitable challenges in composing an essay. I hope that our study can act as a source of motivation for everyone on the way, or already out in working life, creating a place where everyone is evaluated solely based on their skills and nothing else.

– Finally, I want to thank USBE and Siemens Financial Services for this scholarship, and my loved ones who have been an incredible support throughout my studies.

Comment from Fredrika Norberg

– I would like to express my deep gratitude for being honored with the Siemens Financial Services Scholarship. Receiving this prestigious award alongside my thesis partner and dear friend fills me with great honor and joy.

– Completing the essay that we dedicated extensive time and passion to was an incredible feeling. Therefore, I am even more delighted to receive this scholarship as an additional recognition of our efforts.

– I sincerely hope that our study can serve as a source of inspiration for other students, enabling them to benefit from and build upon the subject matter.

– I would also like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks once again to Kristina Björling for her invaluable cooperation, Siemens Financial Services for graciously awarding us this scholarship, and lastly, to Umeå University for providing me with four exceptional years of education.

About the thesis

The thesis supervisor was Lars Lindbergh.

The thesis can be found here.