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Published: 22 Mar, 2016

Social media and taxpayer morale

NEWS On 18th November 2015, FairTax researcher Lynne Oats presented a paper at the Inaugural International Conference on Taxpayer Rights in Washington D.C.

The paper, entitled “Cosy Deals, Social Media and Tax Morale” is jointly authored with Dr Diana Onu, from the Tax Administration Research Centre at the University of Exeter and considers the effect of social media on both taxpayer activism and taxpayer morale.

The conference ran for two days and included papers relating to important issues such as the right of taxpayers to be informed, the right to confidentiality and the right of appeal to an independent forum. Representatives from tax administrations, the tax media and academics from some 21 countries compared experiences and engaged in lively discussion on all matters pertaining to taxpayer rights.

Read more in the conference paper

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