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Published: 2023-01-24

Sociology of Law in the Arctic Discussed at Lund University

NEWS Strategic funding from Arctic Centre

Ekaterina Zmyvalova, PhD student in Sámi studies at Umeå University, made a research trip to Lund University with funding from Arctic Centre at Umeå University.

In October 2022, PhD student and Arctic Centre associate Ekaterina Zmyvalova traveled to Lund University on a research trip, where she was affiliated with the Sociology of Law Department. The department is original in the sense that it is the only department of its kind in Sweden.

Ekaterina Zmyvalova works on the topic of implementation of the right of Sámi children of Russia to learn their language at school in the social context. She carries out multidisciplinary research in socio-legal studies, combining both the legal method and the interviews when analyzing how the right of Sámi children to learn their language at school in Russia is shaped by social practice.

Zmyvalova got to present her research at the Sociology of Law Department at Lund University, got relevant feedback and got to work on her research there. The department provided Zmyvalova with support of a mentor and access to the library. Moreover, Zmyvalova made a network of contacts with some members of the department who work with children’s rights and their implementation in the social context. Zmyvalova intends to cooperate with the network and the department at large, and aims to visit the department again.

Zmyvalova is grateful to the Sociology of Law Department at Lund University who hosted her.  Her special thanks go to Per Wickenberg who was her mentor at the department during the research trip. Zmyvalova also gives many thanks to Anna Sonander who helped with organisation of the research seminar.

Besides funding from the Arctic Centre at Umeå University, Zmyvalova's research trip was also financially supported by the KEMPE foundation.