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Published: 11 Sep, 2017

Spin-off company provide solutions for world’s premiere robotics competition

NEWS The spin-off company Algoryx Simulation has been contracted to provide solutions for physics simulation to the world’s premiere robotics competition, World Robot Challenge held at the World Robot Summit, Japan.

World Robot Summit (WRS) brings together the world’s most advanced robots and robotic technologies along with researchers and developers of robots and key government and private industry players from around the world. The Robot Excellence gathered here will face off in competitions and exhibitions (through competitions, demonstrations, discussions and award presentations) to show the changes that will take place in industry, society and daily life.

A part of WRS, the World Robot Challenge (WRC) will feature competitions in four categories: Industrial Robotics Category, Service Robotics Category, Disaster Robotics Category, and Junior Category. Some of the challenges in the disaster robotics category, will be arranged at the Fukushima Robot Test Field and some will be held in completely virtual environments.

Algoryx together with VMC, Japan, will integrate AGX Dynamics into the Chorenoid robotics simulator platform for this purpose.

Algoryx’s CTO and co-founder, Anders Backman, has worked in the field of Virtual Reality (VR) for more than twenty years and has been CTO for Algoryx development of physics simulation software for the last ten years. He travels Sweden-Japan regularly for the collaboration and is particularly enthusiastic about virtual robotics.

“Development of real robots without first simulating them is simply not competitive any more. Simulation is necessary for testing different hardware designs and also for developing the machine control systems as well as for higher level control from artificial intelligence and deep learning. However, it is critical that the physics simulations are accurate, fast and stable and that’s precisely where we are positioned with our product AGX Dynamics.” says Anders Backman.

About Algoryx Simulation

Algoryx is a spin-off company from Umeå University and a global market leader in industrial grade real-time physics simulations for human-in-the-loop operator training simulators and simulators for engineering, design and virtual product development. Algoryx provides solutions to a wide range of markets including automotive, cranes and heavy equipment, automation and robotics, off-shore and maritime, bulk material handling and mining. Algoryx was established in 2007 and has its headquarters in Umeå, Sweden. AGX Dynamics has a solid scientific foundation in physics, mathematics and computer science and provides a unique combination of compute performance, stability, flexibility and fidelity that enables entirely new business areas and use patterns for simulation.

Editor: Mikael Hansson