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Published: 2022-12-16

Study at the Arctic Circle academic year 2023/2024

NEWS Now you can apply for exchange studies in Canada and northern USA or Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Norway or Finland. Through the exchange programme north2north, you get to know a new country, its culture and make friends for life. There is an opportunity to apply for a scholarship.

Text: Jessica Bergström Grahn

By January 16 at the latest, you can apply for exchange studies for a semester at the Arctic Circle for the academic year 2023/2024. The exchange programme north2north is a network within the University of the Arctic. Through the exchange programme, you can go to a number of universities, which are also part of the network, in the northern United States, Canada, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Norway or Finland.

"As an exchange student within north2north, you will learn things about yourself, other places and cultures, but also about your own region - the north! Take the chance to improve your knowledge of Arctic issues by taking courses at another university within UArctic. There is also a chance for a scholarship," says Helena Löfstrand, International coordinator at Umeå University.

An exchange that opened eyes, mind and heart to new possibilities

Many students at Umeå University take the chance to go on exchange. One of the students who have been on exchange studies via north2north is Alba Puigefabregas Sieso who studied for a semester at Alaska Pacific University in the USA. Alba studies the Life Science programme at Umeå University and is originally from Spain.

“My experience at Alaska Pacific University was truly unique. The classes they offered were completely different from what I had previously experienced. I had courses like Conservation Biology, Scientific Writing, and Avalanche Forecasting for Professionals that have inspired me deeply. This exchange has undoubtedly opened my eyes, mind and heart to new possibilities for my future.”

Alba will be at the information session organized by the International Office during lunch on 16 December to talk about her experience of studying in Alaska via north2north.

"The best thing I take with me from this exchange is all the people, contacts and especially friends I have met. Of course, everything was not easy, these experiences are always challenging and emotionally intense, but it was precisely through that that I learned so much," says Alba.

Information meetings and drop-ins in December and January

If you are curious to know more about exchange studies within north2north, the International Office invites you to two digital drop-in opportunities in Zoom, one on 20 December and one on 11 January. Both are held during lunchtime, at 12-13. Then you will find out more about exchange studies via north2north and can also get help with your application. You can find information about the events in the calendar on the student web or directly via the website below.

The last day to apply for exchange studies via north2north for the academic year 2022/2023 is 16 January, 2023.

Read more about exchange studies at the Arctic Circle on the student web

You can always contact the International Office (via email) if you have questions about going as an exchange student.