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Published: 25 Oct, 2019

Successful workshop in Sami culinary arts

NEWS On thursday the 24th of October a two day workshop on Sami culinary tradition was ended with a lecture for a large group of listeners at Ljusgården, Lärarhuset, Umeå University.

Text: Oscar Sedholm

Ljusgården was fully seated this thursday for the ending lecture of the workshop, which included both methods and traditional Sami knowledge in relation to food. Speakers at the event was the Sami chef Ann Sparrok, senior lecturer Madeleine Eriksson, vice dean Dieter Müller, director of Umeå University School of Restaurant and Culinary Arts Carita Bengs, and Ella-Carin Blind who represented the organization Slow Food Sápmi. Björn Norén helped organize the event itself and Arcum contributed with financing through Arcum's strategic funds.

Some of the important questions that were discussed during the lecture were the conditions of the berry industry in Sweden, how to best work with traditional knowledge to be able to transfer it to new generations, and the possibilites of creating education and courses in Sami gastronomy in the future.

Here you can listen to the Sami radio's report from the event, with an interview with Ann Sparrok (in Swedish).

Madeleine Eriksson
Visiting researcher, associate professor