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Published: 2024-06-18

Summer Activities at Curiosum

NEWS From the 24th of June to the 18th of August, Curiosum, the science centre at the Arts Campus, offers a plethora of fun and educational activities for both young and old! Visitors can engage in experiments, building and programming robots, unleash their creativity in the new LEGO workshop, and enjoy extraordinary film adventures in the immersive dome theatre.

Text: Eva Lönn

News at Curiosum this year includes a variety of additional chemistry and technology labs that rotate to provide returning visitors with fresh, exciting challenges. Those aspiring to be chemists or tech nerds for a day can, for instance, create bubbling bath bombs or super soap bubbles, program robots, or become part of the crew on Apollo 13 in the thrilling escape room game,
Space Escape.

RobotRöra at Curiosum

Robot Mayhem and LEGO Workshop

This summer, robots take over the Makerspace, which will be open three days a week. In the Robot Mayhem lab, participants can design and build their own robot companions to take home. The activity is aimed at everyone over the age of 7 and has been developed by Curiosum guide Mika Sinclair as part of her Master's degree in Interaction Design.

“My goal with Robot Mayhem is to share how fun it is to learn something new. I want everyone participating to laugh, think, and maybe learn something too – but most importantly, I want them to experience how enjoyable robots can be,” says Mika, who will also lead the lab this summer.

Curiosum's new LEGO workshop is perfect for families who want to explore creativity and technology together. With two large building tables and a wall for vertical constructions, the workshop offers a fun and engaging environment for building with technical LEGO.

The Dome Theatre is Loaded with Films and the Freezer with Ice Cream

In the dome theatre, with its immersive screen, visitors can experience two extraordinary film adventures every day! A total of 12 different films will be shown over the summer.

“It’s a wonderful experience to watch a film in 360 degrees. The sense of presence is incredible, and it’s truly thrilling when you’re flying around in space or other scientific worlds,” says Madelen Bodin, director at Curiosum.

For those craving a snack or ice cream, Café Nyfiket is open, and for those who want to continue exploring at home, the shop is filled with exciting books, experiments, and other intriguing challenges.

Curiosum is open every day from 10 AM to 5 PM!

Find out more on Curiosum's website.