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Published: 2016-07-08

Summer at Bildmuseet

NEWS Life and death, blooming and withering, attraction and loathe. The best day in a poetic interplay between image and text. This summer’s two exhibitions at Bildmuseet cover our cultural impressions and changing existence.

Fouad Elkoury with his The Greatest Day he couples his own images, from various times and geographic locations, with excerpts from the poem To Be in a Time of War by Lebanese author and artist Etel Adnan. A poetic interplay between image and text communicates experiences of a changing existence through parallel stories of war, daily life, love and despair.

The Radio Sweden culture journalist Peter Öberg writes how his “... eyes were caught by a burnt out assembly hall or maybe cinema. I hope no one sat on those seats that are now charred by fire. The people depicted are done so with a distance. A woman in the back seat of a car. Looking out through the window but I can’t see her face as she has turned away from the camera.”

Saara Ekström’s exhibition Alchemy contains provocative aesthetics. She brings together contrasting phenomena in unexpected, unsettling ways and questions culturally bound notions of what objects and materials symbolise. The exhibition title Alchemy refers to a process in which symbolic values are refined and modified.

The local newspaper Västerbottens-Kuriren’s culture journalist Sara Meidell writes “... as an alchemist or anthropologist, Saara Ekström’s method of work has been described – in an artistry that attracts attention across the World, she observes the World through a looking glass, picks up litter from the street; the forgotten and overgrown and transforms it to new life”.

Apart from these two exhibitions, there are also two additional exhibitions available: Swedish Picture Book of the Year [Bugball] and Charles and Ray Eames.

Opening hours:

Tuesday at 11–20, Wednesday–Sunday at 11–18, Monday closed. Free entrance

Read more at bildmuseet.umu.se/en

Editor: Anna Lawrence