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Published: 2018-11-08

Taking the pulse of AI in Sweden

NEWS Under the auspices of the WASP initiative in artificial intelligence (the Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program), industrial leaders, business leaders and researchers gathered this spring for five days of talks. A report that surveys the condition of AI and its use within various sectors in Sweden has now been published. Editor is Umeå University Communications Officer Mikael Hansson.

With contributions from 195 speakers, with 100 representatives from industry and 95 from the academic world, whereof several from Umeå Universiyt, the report provides an overall image of how AI is currently used in Sweden. The report also discusses how work in AI should develop, and makes recommendations at the national level for how the academic world and industry together can ensure that Sweden remains at the forefront of research and development in artificial intelligence.

Some of the report's recommendations:

• Draw up a Swedish research agenda for AI
• Invest in multidisciplinary research – the very nature of work in artificial intelligence is multidisciplinary
• Create a strengthened ecosystem – courses and programmes in AI must also be improved to increase knowledge about AI throughout society
• Create an active and vital discussion concerning digitalisation and artificial intelligence
• Use Sweden as a testing ground, where new technology and applications can be tested and evaluated.

The report is based on results from the five days of talks, which dealt with such topics as industry, entertainment and education, health, services and finance, and society and the environment.

Read the report: WASP AI4X – Collecting Ideas and Identifying Challenges for Future AI Research in Sweden. Editor: Mikael Hansson, Umeå University