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Published: 19 Aug, 2021

Teaching on campus possible again in October

NEWS In October, the university is taking the next step in gradually opening up campus again. This means that the opportunity to be taught on-site will then apply to all students, not just beginner students. How this will take place in practice will be decided by each department, however. It will still be necessary to maintain distance and stay at home when you have symptoms of disease.

Text: Anna Lawrence

In consultation with the Department of Communicable Disease Control and Prevention at Region Västerbotten, Umeå University has now reached a decision on the next phase of the gradual opening of the university. From 30 September, on-site education will be possible for all campus students. Each department will assess how this readjustment can take place.

“When our medical advisors at Region Västerbotten now assess that campus can open up for more students, we are pleased to use that possibility as we know how important on-site education is to our students,” says Hans Adolfsson, Vice-Chancellor of Umeå University.

In October, there will still be restrictions in the number of people in each hall and requirements to maintain distance. So even if the ambition is to offer more education on-site, some educations may still need to carry out parts of their teaching online. Hence, please be aware that everything will probably not go back to normal straight away, but we are slowly getting there. Your department will inform you on the specifics of how your teaching will take place in October.

Many other restrictions regarding events and meetings remain in place, as does the need to maintain distance in situation where people meet.

This new decision applies to the period 30 September until 1 November. What will apply for the period thereafter will be announced in late September. At the same time as this decision is made, the local and national spread of infection is on the rise again. It is therefore crucial that everyone keeps following the restrictions that apply, both in society and at the university, so that the planned return to on-site education can be carried out.

The plan for the start of the autumn semester remains unchanged

For September, the measures that were decided in April still apply. These mean that beginner students can receive teaching on-site, whereas all other students are primarily taught online. You should also avoid visiting university premises when it is not necessary during this initial period.

Many people need to use campus. Please stay at home as often as you can to ensure distances can be maintained and to avoid crowding. Only visit university premises when you have scheduled teaching or an errand there, but study at home and meet your friends outdoors. If you visit campus, remember to keep your distance! This applies to everyone, regardless of vaccination and antibodies. If you have symptoms of disease, your need to get tested and stay at home.