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Published: 2022-08-26

Ten doctoral students to adress sustainable development as part of Arctic Graduate School

NEWS From the beginning of the Autumn semester, Umeå University's Arctic Research School is commencing as the first ten doctoral students arrive to begin their education. This milestone is marked with a full day kick-off event where some parts will be open to a broader audience.

Text: Jonas Lidström

The research school has a focus on sustainable development and is distinctly interdisciplinary in its composition – the ten doctoral students come from research subjects within all four faculties.

"A common theme for these projects is that they tackle sustainable development in the Arctic based on different aspects important in each research field" says Linda Lundmark, who is a lecturer in cultural geography and responsible for coordinating the Arctic Research School.

“There are clear connections to the transition towards green industrialization that is currently taking place in Northern Sweden” she continues.

Open invitation to introductory presentations

On September 1, the Arctic research school holds a full-day kickoff with presentations, seminars and talks for the doctoral group. In the afternoon between 14:00 and 15:00, a presentation session is held which is open to employees and other interested parties who want to get an overview of Arctic research at Umeå University.

"We hope that this session will attract everyone who is interested in Arctic issues and wants to know how the University works with the region and for the region. This applies to the general public, political representatives, organisations, associations and private business, but also employees and students at the university" says Linda Lundmark.

Building networks will be a central task

The Arctic research school with a focus on sustainable development has been formed to support the doctoral students and give them access to networks and arenas that will benefit their future research endeavors and careers, says Linda Lundmark.

"The research school's task is to help the doctoral students to think across different areas of inquiry and to facilitate contacts with doctoral students at other universities in Sweden and internationally. We must also be a link between academic research and the surrounding society and support the doctoral students with tools to spread knowledge more widely in society."

Doctoral students with Arctic interest welcome  take part

One group especially welcome to the September 1st kickoff are doctoral students who have a connection or an interest in Arctic issues, but who are not recruited into the Arctic Graduate School.

“If you are not accepted to the graduate school but still want to participate in the graduate school's activities, it is fine to join Arcum and sign up for our seminars and also other activities. Details on how to do it can be found on our website”, says Linda Lundmark.