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Published: 2020-03-16

The European CBRNE Center is growing

NEWS The European CBRNE Center at Umeå University is growing. With the latest addition Daniel Strömberg, the center for research, education and innovation in CBRNE, now has a staff of six.

Text: Åsa Burlin

Daniel is a familiar face at the center. He was an intern back in 2015 when he was studying political science at Umeå University. The internship is what sparked his interest in the importance of military and civilian collaboration for national emergency preparedness. He decided to put political science on hold and instead went on to attend military academy to become a reserve officer. He currently serves as officer in charge of CBRNE related issues.

In the spring of 2019 Daniel returned to Umeå and completed his master’s degree in political science with an emphasis in Crisis Management and Peacebuilding. During this past year he has been involved with the European CBRNE Center through various projects and temporary assignments. He is excited for this next step and to be able to commit to the center full time.  

Daniel’s background is a colorful mix of places and languages. He was born in Sundsvall to a Swedish father and German mother, and has lived in both Southern and Northern Sweden, as well as in Austria and the Middle East. He is fluent in Swedish, English, German and Hebrew.

“I still feel most at home in Northern Sweden. Here we have the safety and comfort, the access to nature and the snow. At the same time, I love the desert and the heat. There is nothing like watching the sun rise from a mountain deep in the desert, while sipping some Turkish coffee.”

However, Daniel has to settle for boiled coffee since Sweden now is home for him, his American wife and their toddler son.

“It feels great. The purpose of the European CBRNE Center is to contribute to a safer society, which seems like a natural progress for what has been a common theme throughout most of my life. What more could I ask for?”