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Published: 22 Jan, 2014

The opening weekend at Bildmuseet

NEWS Umeå will be the European Capital of Culture 2014 and the inauguration will take place Friday, January 31 to Sunday, February 2. During this weekend, Bildmuseet open its doors to a generous program and welcome visitors from Umeå and around the world.

Bildmuseet is filled with new exhibitions for the opening weekend. Guided tours are offered every hour, creative workshop for all ages and extended opening hours. Bildmuseet is open from 11:00-21:00 Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Free admission as usual.

Sunday opening reception and Frida Hyvönen on stage

On Sunday at 15:00 we invite you to the opening of the new exhibitions Leonor Fini / Pourquoi pas? and Katarina Pirak Sikku / Nammaláhpán. Presentations, artist talks and the mingle. Welcome greetings by museum director Katarina Pierre followed by speeches by Lena Gustafsson, Vice-Chancellor of Umeå University and Jean-Pierre Lacroix, France's ambassador to Sweden. Katarina Pirak Sikku talks about her exhibition.

Opening festivities ends with a performance by Frida Hyvönen on Bildmuseet’s stage at 16:30. Please note – limited seats. Followed by mingle and exhibition visits until 21:00.

The four new exhibitions at Bildmuseet are:

Leonor Fini / Pourquoi pas?

Surrealist works from the 1930s, 40s and 50s by the French-Italian artist: paintings, drawings, objects, design, literature, film and photography. The exhibition is open all weekend, but do not miss the opening with the French Ambassador on Sunday at 15:00.

Katarina Pirak Sikku / Nammaláhpán

Can sadness be inherited? Katarina Pirak-Sikku’s work engages with the racial studies carried out of the Sami population on behalf of the Swedish government in the early 1900s. The exhibition is open all weekend, but do not miss the opening event on Sunday at 15:00 when the artist herself is present.

Thilo Frank / The Phoenix is ​​Closer than it Appears

Poetic and playful installation that emphasizes our perception of light, space and movement. Among other things, a mirror installation that fills an entire exhibit.

Andreas Johansson / Place Position

Illusory three-dimensional collage of deserted landscapes and degraded areas. Photographs taken apart and merged to form new entities.

Editor: Helena Vejbrink