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Published: 2008-09-04

The Umeå “Never-before-seen-sports” Olympic games

NEWS On Friday September 5, the Umeå Institute of Design will arrange the Umeå “Never-before-seen-sports” Olympic games. The new students have invented and designed new team sports, and they will play a demonstration match during the afternoon.

The Umeå Institute of Design has a tradition that the first week of the term, the new students, who this year represent more than 25 nationalities, are divided in groups to solve an entertaining, relaxed design project with the sole purpose of getting to know each other and try out a number of creative methods.

This year, inspired by the Olympic games in China, the theme is a “Never-before-seen-sports” meet. The students were divided in 6 groups of 10, and each group has the task of inventing and designing a new team sport, and then playing a demonstration match on the last day of the week.

This final event, which we have called the Umeå “Never-before-seen-sports” Olympic games will take place on this coming Friday, 5 September, 2008 at 2:30 p.m. The location is in and around the river entrance to the Umeå Institute of Design, Östra Strandgatan.

Each of the six matches will take 10–15 minutes, so the entire event will be 1–1½ hours long. The public is cordially invited to witness these games – admission is of course free.

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Editor: Karin Wikman