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Published: 04 Oct, 2021

Top International AI expert Joanna Bryson to Umeå

NEWS Joanna Bryson, Professor of Ethics and Technology at The Hertie School in Berlin, will present at #frAIday – a seminar series on AI, hosted by Umeå University, that has gained increasing international interest. "Joanna Bryson will talk about the alleged ongoing competition and Everyone interested in AI governance should join", says Virginia Dignum, AI professor at Umeå University and Scientific Director of The Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program – Humanities and society.

Text: Victoria Skeidsvoll

With degrees in both Social Science and Computer Science, Joanna Bryson is a scholar widely recognized for her broad expertise on artificial intelligence, its nature, and its consequences. Joanna Bryson advises governments, corporations, and other agencies globally, particularly on AI policy.

Now, she will speak at fast-growing discussions on AI, the open seminar #frAIday, hosted by researchers at Umeå University. Ever since the seminar started, it has gained more and more interest, not only from AI researchers, but also from participants from other academic disciplines, businesses, and industries.

Cold war on AI?

Joanna Bryson’s talk, “Is there an AI Cold War?”, which will be held on the 8th of October will document and address claims of a new AI Cold War – a binary competition between the United States and China that is too important for other powers to ignore.  

“Even though I have myself indicated that I don’t really see the benefit of war, race, or narrative to describe AI international developments, I am looking forward to hearing Dr. Bryson's analysis! We are delighted to have Joanna Bryson with us in Umeå at #frAIday, says Virginia Dignum.

AI Perspectives 

Joanna Bryson, is a very well-known speaker on topics around AI, ethics and collaborative cognition, topics that are perfectly aligned with the questions discussed at #frAIday. Some examples of earlier Keynote Speakers are Frank van Harmelen, Professor in Knowledge Representation and Reasoning in the Computer Science Department (Faculty of Science) at the VU University in Amsterdam, and Salla Franzén, former Chief Data Scientist at SEB, now Data and Analytics Area Manager at IKEA. Her talk on how to implement AI in a corporation, was highly appreciated.

On October 22, Linda Leopold, Head of Responsible AI & Data at H&M will taök about how to create a culture of responsible AI in one of the largest companies in the world.

Open for all

“The seminars are open for all and hosted by Umeå University. These discussions give us a unique opportunity to gain a multi-disciplinary perspective on the developments, challenges, and opportunities in AI, says Virginia Dignum.

Read more about #frAIday and register here. We will send you a link to the online seminars. :