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Published: 2024-04-08

Tuning-Calohee project results supports European Higher Education

Dan Frost, Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics, has acted as co-coordinator for the subject area group “Business” in the EU-funded TUNING-CALOHEE Extension project “CALOHEX”, implemented from 2020 to 2024. It directly follows the ERASMUS+ Forward Looking Cooperation Project, Measuring and Comparing Achievements in Higher Education in Europe. Dan’s involvement is a continuation of his previous work in the Tuning-projects (in Europe and China).

Tuning-Calohee offers sophisticated General Qualifications Reference Frameworks for all cycles: short cycle / associated degree, bachelor, master and doctorate. In addition, it offers a Guideline to use the materials for quality assurance in higher education programs and for micro-credentials.

The project aims to provide user-friendly tools for aligning and comparing Higher Education degree programs. At its core are Qualifications Reference Frameworks, categorized into three types:

  • General Qualifications Reference Frameworks
  • Subject Area Qualifications Reference Frameworks
  • Subject Area Assessment/Learning Outcomes Reference Frameworks, including best practices for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment

Do students across Europe's higher education institutions develop the competences they need? Are study programs fulfilling their promises? Can we meaningfully compare students' achievements across different countries?

The project help answer these questions by providing frameworks and tools to define and design cutting-edge degree programs. They also facilitate comparison and recognition, offering transparent information for universities, employers, quality assurance organizations, and, most importantly, learners.

The Calohee projects have covered the following subject areas: Civil Engineering, History, Nursing, Physics, Teacher Education, Business Administration, Information Technology, International Relations, Creative and Performing Arts & Design, Medicine, and Occupational Therapy.

The project result is now available online at www.tuning-calohex.eu and www.calohee.eu and will also be disseminated by the European Commission.