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Published: 2024-06-14

Umeå University is highly represented at Arctic Congress 2024

NEWS Between 29 May and 3 June, the Arctic Congress 2024 was held in Bodø, Norway. The congress covered all sorts of research areas regarding the Arctic, and consisted of sessions, panels, discussions and receptions. It gathered researchers from all over the world, and not least many researchers from Umeå University, who covered a wide area of research fields and presented their research at the many sessions.

Umeå University is an Arctic university, standing on traditional Sámi land, and has a wide range of Arctic-related research and education. At the congress, Umeå University researchers of all degrees were presenting their research within many different research areas. Some of the areas covered were Education, Health Care, Well-being, Medicine, Food Systems, Art, and Research Collaboration.

Among the sessions, three researchers from Umeå University were hosting and presenting at a session about Occupational Medicine. Associate Professor and Arctic Five Fellow Albin Stjernbrandt talked about how cold exposure and hand-arm vibration may contribute to the development of Raynaud’s phenomenon. This has been examined through surveys of 5000 subjects who work outdoors in cold environments with vibrating tools. At the same session, Doctoral student Rebecca Tapper presented her research where she has conducted a scoping review to examine current knowledge on working in cold environments, as well as differences between sexes. Convener of the session was Hans Pettersson, Research fellow and Arctic Five Chair. All three work at the Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine at Umeå University.

Among other researchers holding sessions were Danielle Wilde from Umeå Institute of Design, Lennart Sauer from the Department of Social Work, and Magnus Zingmark from the Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation. Among the conveners were Postdoctoral Fellow and Arctic Five Fellow Audrey Schillings, Professor Peter Sköld and the University’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor Dieter Müller. Apart from researchers holding sessions, representatives from the Arctic Centre were also present at the Congress to tie connections, present new reports from the Centre’s report series, and represent Umeå University at the connected UArctic Assembly.

The Congress really highlighted the width of the Arctic, its people, and its researchers all over the world conducting research of Arctic relevance throughout all research fields. As Sweden’s Arctic University, Umeå University is proud to have such great researchers representing both the University and the future of the Arctic!

The Arctic Congress 2024 was held in Bodø, Norway, and organised by Nord University, together with Nordlandsforskning AS - Nordland Research Institute and the conferences IASSA, UArctic (University of the Arctic) and High North Dialogue.

Some of the researchers and their presentations

Dieter Müller, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Department of Geography
Convener at Arctic Tourism Futures – Part 1 & 2

Lena Maria Nilsson, Department of Epidemiology and Global Health
Arctic Research publication and funding trends 2016–2022

Hans Pettersson, Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine
Convener at Adaptive capacity of workplaces in the changing Arctic

Sara Rylander, Department of Creative Studies
The butterfly barometer: Boloria Polaris and Arctic ecological health

Lennart Sauer, Department of Social Work
Social work education in Northern rural Sweden: pedagogical challenges and possibilities

Audrey Schillings, Department of Physics
Convener at Interdisciplinary Arctic research using space data

Peter Sköld, Várdduo-Centre för Sámi Research
Convener at Plenary 1: People of the North

Albin Stjernbrandt, Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine
Synergetic effect of occupational exposure to cold climate and hand-arm vibration in the Arctic

Rebecca Tapper, Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine
Risk management of working in cold settings – a scoping review

Danielle Wilde, Umeå Institute of Design
Making Arctic marine food systems data digestible

Magnus Zingmark, Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation
Utilization of research for active and healthy ageing: implementation of web-based housing counselling in Swedish municipalities.