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Published: 31 May, 2012

Umeå University top-ranked among world’s best young universities

NEWS Two international ranking systems have placed Umeå University among the world’s best under the age of 50 years, at #23 and #30. Umeå University is also ranked as the best Swedish and Scandinavian institution. These lists focus on young universities with great promise for the future.

"It is fantastic that not just one, but two ranking systems placed us first Sweden and Scandinavia, among young universities," says Lena Gustafsson, Vice-Chancellor of Umeå University. "Furthermore, we are among the top in the world."

The British weekly magazine Times Higher Education (THE) ranked Umeå University 23rd in the world. The highly respected publication has annually published a world rankling list of universities since 2004. This year, they have introduced a new list of the world’s best 100 universities under the age of 50 years: Times Higher Education 100 Under 50.

"This rankling list is not about the old institutions that dominate the traditional rankings: it is about a new breed of global universities – those that have managed to join the world’s top table in just decades rather than centuries, and other showing great promise for the future," says Phil Baty, the editor of the Times Higher Education Rankings.

There are two other Swedish universities that were included in THE 100 under 50 list: The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences was ranked 27th and Linköping University was ranked 59th. University of Tromso in Norway was ranked 43rd.

The THE 100 Under 50 aims to show which nations are challenging the US and the UK as higher education powerhouses - and offers insights into which institutions may be future world leaders.

The list uses the same 13 performance indicators as the THE World University Rankings, but with a reduced weighting for subjective indicators of academic reputation.

"The new ranking gives us a glimpse of the future, hinting at who the future Harvard and Cambridge universities may be," explains Phil Baty.

The other ranking list – QS Top 50 under 50 – ranked Umeå University #30 and as the only Swedish institution of higher education that qualified among the 50 of those established since 1962.

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Editor: David Meyers