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Published: 2020-04-09

Umeå researchers' corona simulation receive international attention

NEWS Last week, Umeå University sent out a press release about Professor Frank Dignum's international research group that swiftly has developed a simulation tool to enable policy makers to test the effects of various measures against the corona epidemic. The model has received a lot of attention.

Text: Ingrid Söderbergh

In the tough efforts of limiting the spread of the virus, decision makers in many countries struggle to balance their responses to the health situation with the needs of society and the economy. The interactions are complex and dependent on their context.

The new corona simulation tool can help decision makers and stakeholders to experiment and evaluate possible efforts against the epidemic and their combined effects in a simulated controlled world.

In addition to news articles and podcasts about the tool, Professor Frank Dignum has been contacted by authorities in Italy and Sweden to present the model. Already, the research team is applying the tool for specific questions from the authorities in the UK, Italy and the Netherlands.

Example of media hits:

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Press release

Read the press release from Umeå University 30 March